3 Things To Remember When Buying A Digital Camera

June 30, 2011 by  
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Digital cameras are great, they have totally taken over the world of photography and it is hard to imagine life without them now, but shopping for them can be a nightmare. They are so stuffed full of technology now that it feels like you need a degree in IT to understand what the differences are between them, below are our top tips to help you find your perfect digital camera:

Don’t worry about megapixels: Megapixels are hyped up too much, what most people don’t realize is that above about 8 megapixels then the only difference it will make is to the size of the photo, not the quality, and therefore how much you can zoom in if you are editing it etc. So unless you do intense photo editing and you need to zoom in really really close to the picture, or you need to get prints which are the size of posters, then don’t use megapixels as the deciding factor when you are looking at cameras.

Don’t get sucked in by the total zoom: There are two types of zoom with digital cameras, optical zoom which is actual zoom where the front of the camera moves out and helps you zoom, and then digital zoom which is just the camera zooming in using software to make the image appear bigger. Manufacturers like to quote you ‘total zoom’ figures in their specifications, which is the two types multiplied together, but that can be made to hide a camera with poor optical zoom. For instance, if a camera has a 3x optical zoom and a 6x digital zoom then the total zoom is 18x, but that is the same total as a camera with 6x optical and 3x digital zoom. So make sure you look at the optical zoom figures when you are considering how much zoom it has.

Not trying them out: While a camera might look great on paper or the computer screen, when you get it then it could be a totally different story. You might find that the LCD screen is impossible to see in sunlight, that the settings are hard to navigate, that it is uncomfortable to hold and hard to get the memory card in etc. These are the kind of things you can only find out if you actually try one out in person. To do that pop into an electrical store and ask to try a display model out, usually they will be more than happy to oblige, and then you can find out what it is really like.

Those three tips should help you to avoid the big mistakes that people make when searching for a digital camera, so you can spend your money on a camera that you will actually enjoy using and will give you great pictures to enjoy for years to come!

If you want a funky model then consider getting a pink camera to liven things up, just remember the tips above so you pick the best one.

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