A Serious Look Under The Hood of The Pentax K5 DSLR Camera

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The numbers of SLR digital camera fans is in the tens of millions just in the US alone. The major camera makers constantly add to their model lines, and the Pentax K5 DSLR is that company’s new release. However that is really great news for photography lovers. So given that situation with the market, that means you will never experience a shortage of innovation. The K5 does not seem to provide much in the way of disappointment if you love digital cameras and robust functionality. It is clear that Pentax has looked into key concerns that will most likely arise with photographers. Much stronger sensing specifications and other innovations are found in the Pentax K5 DSLR.

The Pentax K5 arrives with a new set of imaging and processing power which we will explain. CMOS circuitry is used in digital cameras because it can allow for high speed switching to occur which is important. CMOS electronic devices are known as ‘chips’ which is something many people recognize. It does matter that a digital camera can sense what is in the optical viewfinder to a greater degree, and better image sensing was designed into the K5.

But that is not all because as we said, you will enjoy a higher rate of data integration and display. Outstanding resolution in your photos that look like the real thing are what you want. What that means is an effective resolution of just over 16 megapixels. One thing that may be slightly deceptive about the K5 is its size. Modest dimensions define the K5, but of course that was all by design. For such a small camera, it certainly does pack a hefty weight profile. The fact that it is a little heavier than it look means there is a lot inside. The steel chassis is stainless in grade, and that will help protect the unit from drops and some amount of misuse. For the primary body design, the K5 employs a special alloy metal which imparts protection but is lighter. Stainless steel for the body plus the structural frame would produce a camera that is too heavy. The Pentax K5 is impervious to dust, and that is made possible by the extensive use of high performance seals inside.

Photography lovers who like experimenting or just enjoying a lot of choices will delight in the 14 f stops in the K5. Having more power and a greater range of functions is a positive contribution to the K5. If you are fairly new to photography, then you can expect to feel pretty solid about these features. It actually would be difficult, we think to not be able to find something to like about the K5. Users of the K5 are reporting satisfying results at lower ISO settings compared to other similar digital SLR cameras. Many photographers avoid JPEG’s for their own reasons, however if you want them it is there. Yet, we do realize that JPEGs are not attractive for more advanced photographers, so there are other files and formats available.

For the non-professional photographer, the Pentax K5 is will certainly provide great photos with lots of other options. However, do not get nervous about the programming as the interface is intuitive. While there are advanced functions, even someone just starting out will not have a problem. The K5 is complex but easy to use, and that is really the best part about it. It would be a shame to have a camera like this and not use all the features and functions available.

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