Design Improvements in The Pentax K5 DSLR

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The Pentax K5 is a digital SLR camera that has entered a highly competitive market place and found a solid footing. There seems to be a baseline of common features offered by any reasonable digital camera. There are many differences and distinctions that can be made, and it is often a matter of quality of design. The race always goes to those who exhibit higher levels of creativity and application developments.

If you are a professional, then you have different requirements from the average camera buyer. You may not care about the best image stabilization, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Pentax delivered on their desire to added much more power to their auto-focus for the K5. Just one improvement will be found in a higher degree of control. There is a tremendous amount going on behind the scenes with auto-focus involving up to twenty different coordinate sensor points. Additional design improvements included software specifically for processing auto-focus. Flexibility and shooting photos you perhaps never did before is the result. Plus, there is a light beam that can be implemented for very low lighting conditions.

Everybody loves videos and expects to be able to take them even with a standard camera. Overlooking video capability would be a huge marketing mistake for a competitive business. We feel the video in the K5 is superior to what you will find in many other digital cameras. The resolution for the videos is 25 FPS or 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The view back resolution is an effective format equivalent to HD movies. As far as being able to customize your videos, they exist although not as extensive as what can be done for photos. Very often people combine the effects of customizing and filtering via digital settings.

Additional improvements in the Pentax K5 include a proprietary design for reducing noise due to unsteady hands. This model Pentax takes comes equipped with their own Shake Reduction technology that alters shutter steps. We encourage you to use this feature in demanding and unusual environments. For multi-exposure shooting, you can still do that even though the usual button for it is missing. There are programming features that will allow you do take multiple exposures.

For the non-professional photographer, the Pentax K5 is will certainly provide great photos with lots of other options. But you do not need to be a programmer due to the easy to understand custom programming interface. If you are looking for your first digital SLR, then do not feel intimidated by all the K5 can do. You will find that learning from the documents provided get you up to speed very quickly. It would be a shame to have a camera like this and not use all the features and functions available.

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