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For those who travel and love diving and taking photographs underwater, or for those who love enjoying the time… well… in water, digital cameras are of either no use or risky to use (since they will malfunction if made to contact with water). Therefore, waterproof digital cameras also called underwater cameras; provide a chance to photograph the underwater world which would have been otherwise inaccessible with normal digital cameras.
The following is a list of some waterproof digital cameras that are used for underwater photography.
The first one of waterproof digital cameras reviewed is Sea and Sea DX-1 G Compact Digital 10.0 MP camera with underwater housing set.
Having ten megapixels- which is a pretty good photo quality, a ‘sea and sea’ mode – which optimizes digital photography under water, and a poly carbonate underwater housing which makes it waterproof, this camera definitely is a good buy. It also has some other features that are advanced, such as manual control over exposure and focus, and the camera also has the ability to shoot videos.

Intova IC700 7.0 MP Digital Camera with Underwater housing falls under waterproof digital cameras, which provides a pretty good image quality (with seven megapixels) and is affordable as it is under the $300 price range. It is considered a good waterproof camera and is rated for underwater photography to a depth of 180 feet. It has other features such as macro mode and has a built in flash which can reach up to about five feet when underwater.

Sealife SL3230 Reef Master Mini underwater digital camera is another type of waterproof digital cameras. Weighing about eight ounces, and being a compact camera, this is very useful for those who want a light weight, easy to use waterproof digital camera. The camera has underwater exposure and sea modes and has six megapixels. Its shutter speed is within the 1/60th to 1/1000th of a second range. This waterproof digital camera has a rating of 130 feet depth for underwater photography.

With an underwater photography rating of depth of 50 feet, VuPoint DC-WPC-ST531TBLK-VP Underwater digital camera is another recommended waterproof digital camera. The camera has video capturing ability and has five megapixels. It features digital zooming and has the ability to shoot in macro settings and control aperture settings. The best part being, this camera is less costly, compared with the other waterproof digital cameras.

By choosing wisely from the wide range of good waterproof digital cameras available in today’s market, one can buy a good quality waterproof digital camera at an affordable price, to make the next underwater experience – an unforgettable one.

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