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Fuji has been a name synonymous with imaging and photography throughout the world for decades. The Fuji digital camera is  now a step into the new generation of digital imaging. Fuji digital cameras remain a choice brand of both professional and  amateur photographers worldwide competing with other major brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and Kodak.

In order to remain competitive and to position their product in the market, Fuji  has ensured that its digital cameras remain feature rich in keeping with customer and  market trends. Fuji has ensured that its cameras have continuously evolved with  time, coming up with newer versions which customers would long to get their hands on.

Some important features incorporated into the latest versions of Fuji digital cameras include advanced  face detection with major improvements, providing the capability of detecting moving faces at any angle. Face detection can be handled on both side profile faces or even if they are completely upside down.  Further, the latest versions of Fuji digital cameras can also detect even up to 10 faces within just  0.036 seconds.

Further, Fuji has incorporated features where predefined modes for each type of scene is  automatically detected and all settings for the capture of the perfect image can be set up without any manual handling by the photographer.

High speed bursts is another very innovative feature to hit digital cameras. This feature is incorporated in newer versions of Fuji digital cameras as well. The photographer however will have  to sacrifice some of the quality of the image in order to use this feature.

The features in Fuji digital cameras are made to cater to the interests and photographic abilities of hardcore photographers and eager beginners. All images are captured with extremely high detail.  The images captured by Fuji digital cameras always promise to be of excellent quality with very high definition.

Fuji digital cameras also pay special attention to the style, look and feel of their cameras. They have ensured that cameras  which are for the use of amateurs in particular are very compact and highly portable. The design of their cameras exudes  style and class.

The user interface and menus are another aspect that has received special attention from Fuji. Easy to navigate menu options along with simple access keys ensure  that users of Fuji digital cameras can use all its rich functionality with ease.

Fuji has ensured that it provides an all new photographic experience to its customers. The legacy of imaging that Fuji pioneered will live on through it digital cameras and  transform and evolve with time in generations to come.

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