How to Photograph Silver Line

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This is the second part of our article on how to correctly photograph silver products.

Soft light

Provide light for your current silver jewelry using soft light to prevent shadows and also spots. Use a light diffuser to filter a hard light so d light eliminate all reflections, shadows and spots. What does a light diffuser do, it spreads the light.

Depth of Field

To setup the depth of field is an important thing too. Look for the cameras maximum depth of field all the cameras have this function. If the camera is set to manual it is possible to select the tinniest aperture.This way we can have an excellent focus on the whole jewelry and not just part of it. The following step is to focus with the lens to obtain a clear photograph. Most digital cameras have automatic focus choose this in case you are not a specialist.

Exposure Time

It is very important to control the light that is entering to the camera to make sure that the pictures does not  get over exposed or under exposed. This process is very much alike to our eyes, the light goes through the lens and strikes the inside par of the camera. Modern digital cameras have got built-in charged coupling gadget CCD what captures the light of the photograph. CCD is like a film in a conventional camera. Exposure signifies to regulate the opening and as well the shutters velocity to obtain the precise quantity of light that is required.

Camera mounting

In order to acquire the sharpest image you will need to place your camera on a steady spot,  utilize a tripod for that. If you make your photos having the camera in your hand it can slightly move due to the fact we human being can certainly not hold anything completely still. When your hands move a little bit even if you do not necessarily detect that it move your photograph will not be sharp. This is the reason why you will need a Tripod to obtain your image completely still and sharp.

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