The Canon SD880 Powershot – Pocket-Size Technology That Anyone Can Use

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If you’re like most people, you want to have a camera on hand at family gatherings, when you’re on holiday, or at special events, and it’s got to be small enough to slip in a pocket as well as easy to use. It’s so convenient to have a camera that’s ready to go and always has a mode or setting that’s right for the picture you’re taking. That’s why the Canon SD880 Powershot may be the right model for your needs, so here I will provide some details that should help you decide.


The SD880 Powershot from Canon is a grab-it-and-go camera that can easily be taken with you anywhere, in a purse or coat pocket. While shooting, you can sling it on your wrist for safety with the included strap. That makes it easy to take candid pictures at family gatherings without making people self-conscious. Then, too, it’s convenient for trips; cut out the irritation of missing what could have been your best photo!


One advantage with a camera like the Canon SD880 Powershot is that you’re getting the capacity for high quality photographs without needing to carry a full-size DSLR. A professional photographer, needing a compact camera for some situations might well select the SD880 because of it’s features. This little model features a nice wide angle lens with optical image stabilization technology — it helps you get a clear picture even if you can’t hold the camera totally still. Close-ups are a breeze with the 4x optical zoom. With 10.0 megapixel resolution, you won’t have any trouble blowing up your photos, without extra editing.


The SD880 Powershot also offers 19 preset shooting modes for taking photos under a variety of conditions. Whether you’re taking pictures at the beach or on the ski hill, underwater or in the park, during the day or at night, there is a setting that will work beautifully.


In the SD880 Powershot from Canon you will find a compact camera that is easy to work with, and can be trusted to give you excellent photos. One small weakness is that the mode setting dial turns rather easily, so it’s possible to change your setting by mistake, and a number of people find the button arrangement frustrating. Overall, the Canon SD880 Powershot gets first-class reviews from users, and it’s a well-built camera.


For more information and reviews of the Canon SD880 Powershot visit  You will also find some straightforward information on digital camera features, such as optical and digital zoom, image stabilization, etc.  It will help you sorth through the features yoiu want and those you really need in a digital camera.