Shop Smart for Your Next HP Color Laserjet Toner

June 28, 2011 by  
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Contemplating purchasing a new color printer and don’t know which technology, inkjet or laser?   But why should you buy a color laserjet printer over an inkjet color printer? Laserjet printers are known for the advanced technology within them that allows for a crisp, detailed imaging when using colors to print. (They tend to blend their colors more evenly.) Technology today uses advanced polymerized toner or plastic particle toner that allows the blending of all colors evenly as well as the fast fusing for greater print speeds. When you first view side by side the sheets printed from both ink vs toner it is similar, but still you can tell which is which. Ink oftentimes has the look of “droplet technology” whereas the toner seems to blend in a more seemless transition making colors like silver or gold that ink just can’t reproduce.

The biggest difference comes when you are constantly changing out the cartridges. Basically the difference is in the old saying, pay me now or pay me later. Inkjet printers tend to cost less on the front end but cartridges run out of ink after about 200 copies. Laserjet printers cost more on the front end but tend to last on average about 2,000 copies.

In a previous article I went and equated the cost of ink in most cartridges to average use by the consumer costing about $8000 per gallon. (And you only thought gas and milk was high!) Compared to HP Color Laserjet Toner.

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