Are you looking for a new digital camera?

August 2, 2011 by  
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Looking for the perfect digital camera to buy? To find the right camera, you should first find out what you are going to use it for. For people just looking for an easy to use camera for personal or home use and family photos, the main things you would want is a digital camera with a large storage memory, high megapixel, and a large LCD screen.

If you are someone who is just starting out in using a digital camera, the initial thing you should do is to start taking a lot of pictures with a digital camera. This will allow you to be familiar with things such as lighting, stabilization, and what ISO sensitivity is needed for different types of pictures. It is also important to make sure the pictures you take will look good in a digital photo frame. There are many online sources that can help you figure out the right camera for you. Some  things you will need to look for include viewfinders, megapixels, ISO sensitivity, resolution, video output, optical zoom, and type of LCD viewscreen.

One important thing you should look for is ISO sensitivity. This is an indication of sensitivity to light. The ISO settings can range from 50, 200, 400, 800, or even as high as 3,200 on the expensive cameras. For most cameras, the normal ISO sensitivity is 100. The higher the sensitivity is set, the less light will be needed to make an exposure. The higher sensitivity may make the picture to look grainy. Lower ISO sensitivity results in pictures with the lowest noise, which is what you would want. However, taking a picture at a lower ISO number requires more light than shooting at a higher ISO sensitivity. ISO is automatically selected by digital cameras, but it can be changed manually on most of the cameras. For bright pictures, the auto ISO usually works best.

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