How To Photograph Wedding Sparkler Writing

July 28, 2011 by  
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Incorporating sparklers into the nuptial reception is starting to be super, extremely trendy. Just pick up any bridal magazine and you’ll see it chock full of great ideas for adding a little sizzle into the affair. This specific picture of bridesmaids spelling out the word “Love” in sparklers is simply such a gosh-darn lovely firework concept for your nuptial wedding reception or exceptional romantic evening.

This real attention getter can be done on a simple budget.  Do tell, do tell, is it seriously doable to pull of this firework stunt with no picture editing skills? Well, the answer is YES, and it is easier than you’d consider (once you practice a bit). Stick to these actions and you’ll be on your way to producing a photograph that lgts up your existence and will be a prized memento forever!

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