AG-HVX200 Panasonic’s Latest HD Camera

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The Panasonic AG-HVX200 is a portable Hi-def p2 camera recorder that is certainly made to fulfill the rising needs in High-definition content development.  The high definition video cameralaunches and remains Panasonic’s first Hi-def video product to utilize P2, the ground breaking storage recording mechanism that has the possibility to reinvent the entire formation paradigm.

The AG-HVX200 can easily record Hi-def, in both 1080i or 720p video built up with a completely new optical system and top rated digital indicator processor upon a P2 card while using the transmission DVCPRO HD codec.  This incredible technique accomplishes a standard of visual quality that will ordinary portable High definition cameras honestly cannot match up with, while conjointly assisting HD/SD multi-format and multiple codec recording advantages.

The image frame rate recording is among one of the numerous qualities that makes this camera so exceptionally special in its class.  By making use of the technology which makes the Panasonic VariCam camera a well liked in film production, this highly effective performance will allow the overcranking processes in combination with film cameras  to bring about fast motion and slow motion impacts.

The P2 card will provide you with excellent durability, instant playback, and incredible price.  It may  additionally allow direct link with many other enhancing devices and streamlines the assembly work circulation, by furnishing towards the modifying system the information ready to be modified, rather than a video tape  which would involve the tiresome task of digitizing.

Over every one of the complex features and technology, the Panasonic AG-HVX200 gets the polished  style and hassle-free operation that seperates it from the rest.  With the AG-HVX200 HD camera, professionals in all types will see a strong device to help them produce and convey their projects to life – aiding them attain things they could have not thought to be possible.

All About The New Sony HVR-AE1

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The Sony HVR-A1E highlights an incredibly smaller size, not to mention offering the 180i standard, the camera supplies you a variety of innovative features for professional use.  The HVR-A1E features technological innovations including CMOS, the camera is surely an ultra small camcorder which is efficient at rendering HDV in the maximum 1080 line resolution.

By establishing for the affordability of HDV, the HVR-A1E provides you with a migration track from standard definition as preserving the features of the preferred DVCAM collection such as usability in addition to numerous connections.

The HVR-A1E is ideal for circumstances in which the  is bound.  The digital camera and videolikewise broadens the selection  of HDV devices offered for expert buyers, for it really does offer HD for all.

Budget Friendly
The HVR-A1E extremely is the reason why hd may be for anyone. With the HDV style, this camera enables you to get HD pictures with a normal DV cassette, giving both a cost effective framework and  an overall 1080 line quality.

The HVR-A1E also delivers you the ability to select the best suited recording format for your production.  Thanks to this digital camera, you possibly can change between HDV, DVCAM, and DV recording which provides you full flexibility to record in standard or HD mode.  You could even shot still pictures at the same time, that contributes to the list of already remarkable highlights.

Professional use
As being a professional supplier, Sony recognizes that your particular specifications are different to that of a consumer. As a consequence, the HVR-A1E features many specific highlights to help aid your needs.

Compact engineering
This digital camera assists you to raise the realm of High-definition to an even broader selection of production.  A sturdy and small style suggests that HDV images can be achieved regardless if constrained on space.  It does not matter exactly where your capture may be, you can rely on the Sony HVR-A1E to deliver.

Sony HDR HC3

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Home film fanatics all across America really are pleased from the huge selection of recording options delivered by the Sony HDR-HC3 handycam video camera. By using both HD and SD modes of recording, you probably can make the turn to high definition with no preserving  match ups together with standard definition systems.

The HC3 camera video digitalsets the modern standard in resolution class with its a distinct video graphic sensing unit, that captures accurate detail along with sophisticated color.  The twin record mode will permit you to get 2.3 megapixel stills while shooting hd video.

The smooth slow recording captures quick actions having in depth detail for playing back in slow pace. Today, you can easily record what you wish how exactly you desire to capture it. The HC3 from Sony is whatever you may possibly assume and more.

2.1 megapixel crystal clear vid CMOS sensing unit
The crystal clear video CMOS sensor offers a level of beautiful details and clarity together with incredible video and still graphic presentation.  Nothing like the standard CCD imagers, CMOS sensors involve much less power, which gives much better overall performance for your battery.

Dual record
As you may record in Hi-def, you likewise have the power to get a 2.3 megapixel still image directly to the memory stick pair media.

HDV/DV file format recording
The HDR-HC3 can perform recording and playing back both HD and SD video upon the typical  Mini DV tape.

Real time HD codec engine
Sony developed a real time MPEG encoding and decoding process along with a decreased power usage in conjunction with a compressed over all size to fit inside of a very own camcorder.  The codec engine features MPEG 2 compression setting, along with the saving and playback of a clean Hd photographs at the equal bit rate of DV.

10X optical/80X digital zoom
The actual visual glide supplied by the HDR-HC3 will bring the action up close from a long way.  The digital  glide interpolation can certainly make the digital zooming cleaner, with a reduced amount of distortion.

Touch screen
The 2.7″ wide (16:9) Lcd screen will give you  a remarkable viewing picture quality with enhanced resolution. The 211K pixel LCD display revolves as much as 270 degrees for a variety of viewing angles, as supplying a  distinct, detailed graphic for tracking or playback.

The lcd screen format enables taking pictures in 16:9 setting and creating shots much easier than ever before.

With wonderful functions and video quality, the Sony HDR-HC3 high defintion video camera is genuinely one of the best Sony provides.  If you’ve been seeking for the best Hi-def camera, the HDR-HC3 will give you far more choices than you can shake a stick at.

Major Components Of A Video Camera

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Practically all digital movie camera consist of three major components : the lens, imager, and recorder.  The lens gathers and focuses the lumination around the imager, which can be typically a  coupled gadget (CCD) or CMOS indicator IC. In conclusion, the recorder will likely scribe the video transmission into a format which can be saved. Commonly, the optics and imager are called the high definition video cameras segment.

The optic lens will be the 1st element inside the camera section’s light path.  The optics normally have a single or maybe more  adjustments:
1.  aperture – deals with the degree of light
2.  zoom – adjusts the degree of the field of viewpoint
3.  shutter speed – records continuing motion
For most consumer products, these particular adjustments are instantly managed through the video camera’s electronics, in most cases to keep constant exposure onto the imager.
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