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I have been searching  for printing  options for  several weeks  . As a San Antonio wedding photographer I have great sources for photo prints that come in great every time I order. I use a two different vendors , both of which require a resale permit but one also has a non-business  side which I have not tried but am sure  would be of good  quality.
The two I use are Millers  with it’s consumer side under the name Mpix. The other is White House Custom Color or WHCC for short.They print all sizes of portraits for my San Antonio wedding photography business.

Both labs require photographers to send in test files  to make sure there colors match what the photographer expects before opening an account. In addition to traditional photo prints they both do press printed material and do a great job . Both companies focus on short run pieces. Usually 25 to 50 so the price is a little higher  than printers doing larger run jobs. This is a great  alternative if you only need a few  well printed pieces for a special  promotion.

The turn around time is fast . For traditional photo prints and press printed cards they usually print the same day or next day depending on the time the order is placed. It must go to the press within seconds of placing the order  so forget  about making changes after you hit the send button . If  you sent the order in early they usually package and ship it out the same day. WHACK provides second day delivery and many times the order will come in faster since one of the many  plants is only 1 day ground service away from most areas . Millers will deliver by  overnight  service so it is also a quick  delivery. Both offer Edit this below cost  rates and even  no cost  shipping for most  orders.

For business cards I tried all the well known names such as Overnight prints, Vista Print etc. While Overnight prints does a good job they are not reliable  as far as shipping dates so I would not trust them for any job that has a  required   delivery date plus the rush  shipping will eat away any savings. It appears  many  of these high volume printers make more off retail shipping  than printing. Of course they get large  shipping discounts due to their volume but charge the customer standard posted  rates. A lot like the rate card you see in hotel rooms.  The printers just charge the full retail  rate and never discount allowing the high priced shipping rate to add to the bottom line.

When I used Vista print the business cards came in as if glued  together and the re-order came the same way. Not worth saving a little cash  when you have to pry business cards apart before using them. I found another printer called U-Printing. They have good prices and what appears to be reliable shipping times . Of course the rush shipping is also expensive  but if they ship as listed rush service may be avoided. They offer a lot of unique die cut business card styles without additional fees.This alone is a nice  option to make your card stand out. I have used them for photo cards as well as postcards and flyer’s.All the products  came in with  great   color reproduction and on time.

I also use U-Printing for my Domain Resale Business. It is Domain Name Collective and offers no cost domain name search and $8.49 dot com names.


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