All About The New Sony HVR-AE1

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The Sony HVR-A1E highlights an incredibly smaller size, not to mention offering the 180i standard, the camera supplies you a variety of innovative features for professional use.  The HVR-A1E features technological innovations including CMOS, the camera is surely an ultra small camcorder which is efficient at rendering HDV in the maximum 1080 line resolution.

By establishing for the affordability of HDV, the HVR-A1E provides you with a migration track from standard definition as preserving the features of the preferred DVCAM collection such as usability in addition to numerous connections.

The HVR-A1E is ideal for circumstances in which the  is bound.  The digital camera and videolikewise broadens the selection  of HDV devices offered for expert buyers, for it really does offer HD for all.

Budget Friendly
The HVR-A1E extremely is the reason why hd may be for anyone. With the HDV style, this camera enables you to get HD pictures with a normal DV cassette, giving both a cost effective framework and  an overall 1080 line quality.

The HVR-A1E also delivers you the ability to select the best suited recording format for your production.  Thanks to this digital camera, you possibly can change between HDV, DVCAM, and DV recording which provides you full flexibility to record in standard or HD mode.  You could even shot still pictures at the same time, that contributes to the list of already remarkable highlights.

Professional use
As being a professional supplier, Sony recognizes that your particular specifications are different to that of a consumer. As a consequence, the HVR-A1E features many specific highlights to help aid your needs.

Compact engineering
This digital camera assists you to raise the realm of High-definition to an even broader selection of production.  A sturdy and small style suggests that HDV images can be achieved regardless if constrained on space.  It does not matter exactly where your capture may be, you can rely on the Sony HVR-A1E to deliver.

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