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The Actual Underwater Benefit Of A Canon PowerShot D10 water proof camera.Lots of people decide to take their vacations at the lake or even other locations that have a lot of water around and people don’t want to take a camera that can be damaged by the water. Even if you do bring a digital camera along with you which is not waterproof, you may still end up missing lots of great shots since you don’t want to get that camera to near to the water.

Which is one of the advantages of the Canon PowerShot D10 camera, it’s not necessary to worry about the camera getting wet because it is water proof. This particular camera is much like any normal Canon Camera, but with the added feature of being waterproof. Even though this digital camera is more cumbersome as opposed to the SD780 IS, because it’s water proof makes this camera an apparent choice for anyone who loves outdoor activities as well as water sports.

Some good options that come with this camera are being rain proof or waterproof up to 33 ft, which can be good for most swimming pools or water slides, and having a freeze proof lens up to 14 deg F. Even though this is water proof and a little bulky you will still find this a good looking piece of equipment. The particular SMART Auto mode is effective in finding the right scenes mode for each site. For those who have shaky hands you’ll love the fact that this camera has a built in image stabilizer. Some individuals feel that auto shots are nicer than they were with their older Canon camera.

The particular LCD is 2.5 inch and also extra bright, and includes a protective covering that prevents scratches. You also are not going to have to worry about closed eyes in the pictures as this camera will let you know when someone had their eyes shut. You might also love the fact that you will be able to adjust the contrast, both while your taking the photograph and also afterwards. You will probably love the fact that you can take this camera in the boat while not needing to concern yourself with it getting wet. While you will be able to set the settings of the camera yourself, many people like the auto mode feature. Additionally, the extensive range of selections include settings such as panorama, underwater and even portrait.

Something which I find really cool about this camera is that you can set it so it just keeps one color within the picture. Of course as with anything there are a couple of downsides concerning this Canon PowerShot D10 camera, there have been a handful of complaints that it is a little bulky. Needless to say if you think about it this camera needs to be bulky as it is intended for the elements along with the thought that it’s going to be dropped. There are not any threads for filters, no RAW mode, and also no lens cap, nevertheless it does have a scratch resistant shield of glass. This particular camera is incredibly easy to use and simple to figure out, however if you have any difficulties you are able to read the users manual.

One thing that parents appreciate is the fact that they can let the kids make use of the camera in the pool and do not have to worry about it getting wet. You may even take it with you if you choose to go tubing down the river or perhaps a creek by your home. Unfortunately, many people have said that their camera leaked, however the support from the company was good.

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