Making A Photography Portfolio To Showcase Your Work

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The determining factor for many photographers getting a job or successfully nailing a job interview is their portfolio. A photography portfolio can be a showcase of an entire career’s worth of work if you have many years of experience under your belt. It can also help give insight into your skill and competency in your craft if you are just starting out. It pays to take the time to put together your own portfolio, but what exactly should you put in it?

A variety of things can impact this but the target audience and the kind of position you are trying to apply for are the main determining factors. Showcasing your overall talent is the best way to go if the work that you will be doing is not centered around any central theme. The photographs that you will include should only be those that you consider to be your best work and should be arranged according to their respective themes or categories. For example photography portfolios can have a separate section for black and white photography, nature shots, portraits, or any other theme or category so that your portfolio will have a structured presentation while displaying your work. Also, if you have an abundance of works, you might need to consider making multiple portfolios each with a theme of their own. Only include works specific to a central theme if you have a target audience that requires it. So if a couple approaches you for a wedding photography job or if you specialize in weddings, your portfolio should only be a compilation of wedding-related photography. Of course if you have work that has been published or has received critical acclaim, don’t hesitate to display it, placing it with several others if you have enough works that have received similar praise. You can make a clipping to include in your portfolio if it has been published in a newspaper or magazine. Do not forget to caption your work and include a table of contents to make it easier for your prospective employers to reference specific pieces if they need to.

Presentation is just as important as the quality of the pieces themselves. Organizing how your work is arranged in the portfolio is just a waste of time if you put it into an ordinary plastic ring binder. This not only indicates a lack of professionalism and experience, but also shows how little pride you take into your work. Try logging onto sites like for possible deals on quality portfolio cases. While they might be expensive, portfolio cases made in leather and other similarly tasteful materials are a great investment.

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