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The sun is a crazy  thing when it comes to outdoor   photographs . It can either make or break a shot, depending on how you utalize  it. If you know what you’re  doing with it, it can help make  the most fantastic   photos . How you use the sun is also affected by what kind  of picture you are taking. For instance , you probably don’t  want a sun flare in a shot of the front of a house, but it looks fabulous  when strategically placed between two  faces in an engagement shot. It can get quite  complicated, and if you do not  think it through correctly, can really make it hard  to get a great  photo. Let’s go through the different  scenarios and what you should look for.

-Bright Sunny Day: These are not prime  conditions for most   photos , despite what many would assume. Photos that are very  sun-saturated can cause the shot to look  ”blown out” by the light. For the rest of the non-photographers out there, blown out essentially  means much  too bright and extremely  white looking. So what’s  a photo-taker to do on one of these days? Timing, timing, timing. I like to do shoots with people around sunset, perhaps   beginning  a little before. This creates  the best  lighting. You can create  sun-flares galore with correct placement, and the intensity of the light is not as strong so your subjects and background will not  be as blown out. If you are photographing a home, you want the sun to be low, shining on the home . If it gets  behind it, you’re  going to have a shadowy house and a blown out background. So, the time of day you should take it depends on the direction the house faces. If you wait too long and it’s  shadowy, it can be neat  to take a shot at night and turn on all the house lights, inside and out.

-Cloudy day: This is a dream  day for pictures. You can take a shot  anywhere, any time of day without shadows! However, occasionally  it can make home photos appear a little  dreary. Just make sure your shutter speed is slow enough to let in enough  light.

-Partly cloudy: Great day for a home photo shoot! Go when the sun is shining on the front of the house and is fairly low, and the clouds in the background will make a great  backdrop! The tricky part here is that the light keeps shifting . Just keep an eye on your settings and the sun and you’re  sure to get some great shots.

-Rainy: Um…you should definitely  reschedule. Your camera is more important than getting something done. Chances are you will not  be able to get a great shot anyway.

Of course, there are lots  of camera settings that can help you in all of these conditions. But, these are the basics for the different kinds of weather conditions. Hope they help you out a little !

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-Jenn, the Cortiers blogger

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