Top 10 Tips to Taking a Photo

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Taking a better photo, Top ten


So your shots arn’t always good? make sure they are and here are some tips. If your follow these tp ten tips then you will be on your way to making the most of your photos and impressing your friends and family.


1. Taking Photos up close


If your subject appears to be smaller than a vehicle you need to step closer before you snap the picture. Don’t forget to zoom in. You want to fill the picture area with whatever the subject is you are taking the picture of. Make sure you get really close it make the photo seem more alive.


2. Look into Your Subjects Eyes


In real life when you look into someone’s eyes it engages you. and this also applies to the photo. When you are taking a portrait hold the camera so it’s at eye level to the person you are taking a picture. Capture those beautiful smiles and mesmerizing gazes. If you need to take photos of your children then you need to get down to there level. make sure you look into there eyes.


3. Making use of Flash outside.


Okay every just said what right? well using your flash indoors is a no brainer but it’s important to use your flash outside aswell. Using your flash outside will reduce/eliminate shadows because it lightens the face. Even on sunny days you should use your flash. Your camera may allow you to set your flash to full flash or fill flash. Use the fill flash if you are within 5 feet of your subject, and use the full flash if you are further than 5 feet. And make sure you use your fill flash on cloudy days.


4. Try to get a background that is plain and not to distrating.


By picking a background your subject is going to stand out allot better. When you are looking in your viewfinder take the time to study the surrounding area around your subject. Make sure there is nothing ugly in the background like cars on the street or bins etc.


5. Making sure your Focused.


If your target isn’t in the middle make sure you lock focus, and this will allow you to have a sharp image. Main of the cameras will focus on whatever is in the middle of the camera.


6. Move Your Subject from the Middle Taking a picture with your subject in the middle will not give you the best results. Just imagen your veiw finder in a third grid. Now put your subject into one of the intersections. if your have a camrea with auto focus then make sure you turn it off because it will lock onto the center of the viewfinder.


7. Make sure your Eye stays on the light. Few would argue that the subject is the most important component to your picture but the light is the next most important element. The light affects how everything in your photo will look. For example, taking photos of Grandma with the bright sunlight on her face is going to enhance the wrinkles and make her look like Great Grandma. There is no best way to figure out your lighting, it best to just test it on your subjects.


8. Making sure you understand your flash range.


The most common mistake made with the flash is being out of range. If you take a picture beyond the maximum range of the flash your picture will be too dark. Flash range is normally set to around 15 feet and it’s about 5 steps. You can look up your camera’s flash range in the manual.


9. Play Director


Put on your director’s hat, take control of your photo shoot, and watch how your pictures improve. Tell people what you want. For example, everyone look up to the sky or everyone hug. Take control!


10. Take Some Pictures Vertical


If you never turn your camera vertical now’s the perfect time to start doing so. For those taller than average subjects you can get a much better picture when taken vertically.


There you have it. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll be taking great pictures in no time at all.

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