The Issues of Natural Light for a Wedding Photographers

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There are two ways to take a picture: making use of natural light, i.e. light that hasn’t particularly been produced by the photographer, and using synthetic light, which could usually be from a flash head above the camera body .

Well above 90  percent of the images we take at a wedding are lit by organic light, for numerous good reasons.  The main benefit for us is that we’re able to display our clientele images from the day that actually present the day as it was. For whilst flash can occasionally provide a technically far more pleasing picture, it is of course ‘false’ light. Images that have been taken with a flash head offering some or most of the light don’t exhibit how a scene really looked, but how it appeared for the 1/100th of a second that the flash was illuminating it.


Honest enough, we could say. But absolutely what matters much more than something is the technical good quality of the image? By reply, I would say that what permits our customers to remember their wedding day scenes is the ambient light present at the time, something often lost with flash. This doesn’t mean of course, that the normal light photographer is absolved of the responsibility of image good quality. Many wedding reception suites , as an example, are oak-pannelled  and can throw up lots of very high contrast light which must be managed, but basically using flash in this circumstance is no less complicated than just moving one’s position relative to the subject.

The other primary reason we don’t like using flash is much more straightforward: Our aim at a wedding is to stay unobtrusive, and as quickly as a flash head goes off guests turn to look at the photographer. It ‘blows our cover’ and as well as being an unwelcome distraction for the wedding party searching to have a excellent time it also makes it tougher to photograph individuals naturally. Straight away there is a little but noticeable enhance in posing and consciousness from groups of people. When we’re looking to capture the character of a wedding guest small differences in people’s awareness indicates a lot.

So when is the right time to use flash? When we’re requested to take elegant group pictures. In this case I feel it’s better to have a technically strong image. We’re not engaged in natural light now – we basically want to see our subject’s attributes well. Dancefloor images are also candidates for flash images. As there are often so many other light sources such as disco lights on at the very same time and for various durations it is a really dangerous venture to rely upon these exclusively.

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